FITing: Third fill up … …

(Now, what did Brother Austin Barry say in Engineering Measurements class too many years ago. One digit significance divided by lots of digits yeilds even more meaningless digits?)

31.5 mpg?

245.2 miles divided by 7.797 gallons — down slightly 31.4779928 mpgs

292.5 miles divided by 8.755 gallons — an unimpressive 33. 409480 mpgs

125.8 miles divided by 8.411 gallons — an unimpressive 14.95 mpgs

Note: FIguring the savings at 15$ per week, how many weeks to break even on an 18k$ car?

(Kick the hampster to turn the wheel!)


23 years?

I should live so long!


# # # # #

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