INTERESTING: Another Prepster left unexpectedly

I was doing my daily work. (I’m anal. I have a little routine.) And, wow, was I shocked to find an obit for one of my fellow Prepsters, Prep64sters, Prep-64-er-ista, … fellow high school alums.

Reflecting back, I knew so little about him. I call that my “oblivious phase” — covering most of my life. Argh! He was an “old” guy. In high school, it was our first real exposure to “different people”. In Catholic grammar school, everyone was from the same parish other than the Jewish kid and some odd folks from outside the parish whose parishes didn’t have schools. In the age band, he was one of the “old” guys and I was one of the “young” ones. Silly the distinctions that were made. Our school divided up into “smart” and “dumb”. Even within the class, we were seated by alphabet and he was close to me. It is just shocking to me.

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