INTERESTING: anti-war hero Franz Jägerstätter

On the Road to Peace
by John Dear S.J.
Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2007
Vol. 2, No. 10

***Begin Quote***

There were many consoling, inspiring and uplifting moments last Friday, Oct. 26, in Linz, Austria, at the beatification of the anti-war hero Franz Jägerstätter. The resounding applause for his 94 year-old widow Franziska. The reading of the declaration. The unfurling of the 30 foot banner with Franz’s photo and the sight of dozens of bishops and cardinals standing up, looking up — at last! — to Franz. But the most moving was the presentation of his relics. Franziska kissed them, gave them to a cardinal for the cathedral in Linz, then wept. She knows it now. Franz no longer belongs to Austria. Now he belongs to the world. And his work is just beginning.

***End Quote***

It’s hard to imagine having the courage to stand up an say “no”.

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