RANT: NJ School tragic accident — the system’s reaction

On today’s morning news, the prison guards aka the school government workers are meeting to come up with ways to prevent that “tragic accident” from recurring.

Admirable idea.

What do you think the chances are that the “guards” will even think about closing the “prison camp”?

Zero is my guess.

Of course all the remaining inmates, and all future inmates, at that particular institution of detainment will suffer the wisdom of fools as new “great ideas” are tried on them.

Oh I am sure it will be “just to keep our children safe”.

When do the inmates stop being “children”?

Now the deaths of four people is bad. The deaths of three young people is bad. But, let’s not overlook some specific responsibilities.

(1) The driver (?) for operating that car in an unsafe manner and violating the law by probably speeding and having other juveniles in the car. (So how does adding MORE laws change anything.)

(2) The parents (?) for failure to train, supervise, and equip their offspring for life.

(3) The school for imprisoning them … …

(I can hear the collective “huh” out there.)

Yup, if there was no law mandating them to be at the Government Youth Propaganda Camp for most of their day, where their little minds full of mush were filled with more mush, like self-esteem and self-confidence, then (that might have killed them) they could have been at home being schooled by their family.

Or maybe working at a business gaining real skills and an appreciation for for how much cars and car insurance costs.

Certainly there would have been no escaping from the penal colony at the end of day and feeling the need to be “free”. Perhaps they were throwing off their shackles and feeling freedom.

It’s a shame that they thought they were indestructible. I wonder where they could have learned such a silly concept?

So I blame the driver, the parents, the school, and the politicians who made such stupid laws like “mandatory attendance” and “government run education”. That’s what killed those four people!

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