JOBSEARCH: How well does your Unique Value Equation sell?

STRATEGY: How well does your Unique Value Equation sell …
… … this post, for students, works well for seekers too … imho.

Why you’ll never get rich studying African feminism in the 19th century

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For students slogging their way through school, here are the merest hints of how you can and cannot reach that top 1 percent, that place where you are paid well even if you make mistakes:

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When I talk to baby turkeys, I try to get them to see the uniqueness I see. Everybody has something (Mine must be my ability to pontificate!) that sets them apart.

But that’s not enough.

One of my unique value propositions is that “I can make three different type of paper airplanes that will fly”.

It’s unique. It has value. And, it’s an equation.

BUT is there are market for it.

Sadly know. As usual, there are people who can do it better, faster, cheaper, and have written books about it.

So, this particular pontification is about taking your UVE and creating a Unique Sales Proposition.

How can I propose creating value for you with my paper planes ability and retain for myself some of that value I create for you?

That’s a USP.

What’s yours?

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