LIBERTY: Homeland Security goes after Keene NH man for silent protest

Homeland Security goes after Keene man for demonstrating at IRS office
By SON HOANG Union Leader Correspondent
9 hours, 30 minutes ago

***Begin Quote***

Nashua – A Keene man had a run-in with the United States Department of Homeland Security in the parking lot of Building 19 yesterday morning.

Dave Ridley, 40, said he met with an official from the Department of Homeland Security in the parking lot, located at 420 Amherst St., who repeatedly tried to give him a $120 citation for handing out handbills at a federal office.

***End Quote***

Interesting about this is that the story is unavailable from the Union Leader (a traditional newspaper).

Now, if you’re a regular reader of NHFREE ( or a regular listener of FTL (, then you’ll already be aware of the revolution going on.

In this episode, the force of gubamint are made to look exceptionally stupid.

(It’s hard to be feared when you’re being laughed at!)

The story of Ridley’s protest, if you could call it that, as if standing silently with a sign in a federal office is much compared to the 60s civil rights demonstrations led by Martin Luther king, makes them look stupid.

And, what happened to the First Amendment? Certainly, this activity is well covered by that.

And, where did the news story go? Did DHS pressure the Union Leader to pull it?

It would seem that non-violent non-cooperation, in the tradition of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, is making waves.

Even over and above the value of protest, I think every time the gubamint is made to look stupid, stupid enough to make people laugh, that we become freer!

The Free State Project ( is making NH a very interesting place to be.

So those of us, who are “stuck” in the various Peeple’s Republiks around what used to be the United States of America, need to support our fellow revolutionaries in the battlefield that is NH.

So read the stories, digg the story up at the above link so others see it, blog about them, and send them to all the usual suspects!

Make them aware. Make people laugh. Make them mad!

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