How film goddess Carole Lombard became Hollywood’s first casualty of WW II

Daily Variety editor Arthur Ungar penned a page-one tribute to Lombard that led the Jan. 19, 1942, edition.

“Carole Lombard died in the line of duty. She was the first casualty of show business in this world war. She was in active service on a mission in defense of the United States —  selling Defense Bonds — when death suddenly overtook her in the skies,” Ungar wrote.At a time when the country was polarized about whether to enter the conflict, Lombard had been an outspoken supporter of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

It was no surprise that she was among the first in what Variety then referred to as “the film colony” to raise her hand to help the war effort. U.S. Treasury officials put the movie star to work selling war bonds to finance the enormous military and industrial response to Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

Source: How film goddess Carole Lombard became Hollywood’s first casualty of WW II

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World War II impacted Hollywood differently then. After that, they no longer were “Americans” imho.


Are Aluminum Pots, Bottles, and Foil Safe? |

But then this study was published, suggesting the aluminum itself may be harmful. Most of our aluminum exposure comes from processed junk that contains aluminum-containing food additives, including those within some processed cheeses, baking powders, cake mixes, frozen dough, and pancake mixes. But approximately 20 percent of the daily intake of aluminum may come from aluminum cooking utensils, such as pans, pots, kettles, and trays. To see if this may be causing a problem, they took blood from consumers who used aluminum cookware versus those who did not, and found that not only were the aluminum users walking around with twice the level of aluminum in their blood, but they had more free radical damage of their body fats and proteins. And the total antioxidant capacity of their bloodstream was compromised; so, no surprise, they suffered significantly more DNA damage. And indeed, those with the highest levels of aluminum in their blood tended to suffer significantly more damage to their DNA. No surprise, since aluminum is considered to be a pro-oxidant agent.

Source: Are Aluminum Pots, Bottles, and Foil Safe? |

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Take care around aluminum especially pots and foil!

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A Vote-by-Mail Nightmare – WSJ

n 27 states, “a voter can designate someone to return their ballot,” says the National Conference of State Legislatures. This practice is often restricted to family members and caregivers, or with rules that cap the number of ballots any single person may return. Not always. “Ballot harvesting” has made news in California, where activists have canvassed neighborhoods collecting votes. The registrar in Orange County reported in 2018 that his office had “people dropping off maybe 100 or 200 ballots.

”Ballot harvesting isn’t widespread, but laws in 13 states are “silent on the issue,” the NCSL says. That includes Wisconsin, where the Elections Commission told voters in March that ballots may be returned by “a family member or another person.” Technically, that covers anybody at the door in a Biden shirt or a Trump hat. Last year when the commission flagged the issue, it said Wisconsin law also doesn’t “clearly prohibit failing or refusing to deliver a marked ballot collected from another voter.”

Source: A Vote-by-Mail Nightmare – WSJ

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Clearly this an invitation to fraud.  (By either “party”!)


SC Absentee Ballots Found in Maryland as Dems Urge Vote-by-Mail

About 20 Charleston County absentee ballots were found in Maryland this week as the Democrat Party’s effort to gradually move all states to vote-by-mail continues, while the GOP warns that such moves will lead to voter fraud, inaccuracy, and abuse.

Source: SC Absentee Ballots Found in Maryland as Dems Urge Vote-by-Mail

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How can the Sheeple trust the process?


Cash, long a refuge in uncertain times, now under suspicion

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I wonder when people are going to wake up and save gold and silver bullion. That’s real money. I don’t understand why people that are not recognized that the FED inflation has cost them 98% of the value of a dollar.

What is everybody stupid?


A pizzeria owner made money buying his own $24 pizzas from DoorDash for $16 – The Verge

Later in the piece, Roy points out that DoorDash lost $450 million generating $900 million in revenue last year, which is wild. The delivery business was working just fine before DoorDash and co. swept in with piles of money to burn. Today, as Roy writes astutely, the model is broken. “You have insanely large pools of capital creating an incredibly inefficient money-losing business model,” he writes. “It’s used to subsidize an untenable customer expectation. You leverage a broken workforce to minimize your genuine labor expenses. The companies unload their capital cannons on customer acquisition, while this week’s Uber-Grubhub news reminds us, the only viable endgame is a promise of monopoly concentration and increased prices. But is that even viable?”

Source: A pizzeria owner made money buying his own $24 pizzas from DoorDash for $16 – The Verge

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No substitute for stupid!!!!!!


Study finds 42% of pandemic layoffs will become permanent job losses

We are witnessing a massive shift in the economy in a very short period of time. The dislocations for people, particularly people of limited means, have been and will continue to be profound. (From The Washington Examiner) Forty-two percent of workers experiencing recent layoffs will suffer permanent job losses, according to a paper circulated by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Source: Study finds 42% of pandemic layoffs will become permanent job losses

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As the Big Fat Old Turkey, I’ve always warned 50+ jobseekers that their BIGGEST fear would NEVER being able to find another job.  AT ALL!  Let alone on comparable to the one that they lost.

I’d be willing to bet that the impact on the 50+ unemployed will be much worse that anyone expects.

Hope I’m wrong, BUT I don’t think so.