RANT: On not being enough of a pain in the !


Ep. 647 Cancer: One Child’s Story, and Lessons Learned
25th April 2016
Tom Woods

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What would cause the leading cancer doctor in the world to fly across the country to the funeral of a boy of 8? That’s part of today’s story.

Past guest Roger McCaffrey discusses the terrible ordeal his family endured when they discovered their 4 1/2-year-old son, John, had CML, a stem-cell cancer. The story involves not only a family’s anguish, but also a miracle drug, insurance companies, politics, and the FDA.

About the Guest

Roger A. McCaffrey, who describes himself as a recovering political consultant, is a book publisher, editor, and direct-mail specialist. He is co-author with brother Eugene of Players Choice: Major League Ballplayers Vote on Their All-Time Greats, which contains a foreword by George H.W. Bush, the latter’s finest contribution to public life. His book An Executive’s Complete Guide to Licensing was published by Dow Jones-Irwin. He writes occasional pieces on various topics and has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, and The American Spectator.

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I listened to this and it saddened me.

It makes me think that I didn’t fight hard enough to save Our Girl, my wife of forty years. 

That thought brings me to tears, literally.

While I thought of 13 things I could have done better, I never sat down an wrote the “PIA: The Patient Advocate Handbook”. 

This podcast moves this project to the front burner. 


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