1. Legalizing drugs would make our streets and homes safer.
2. It would put an end to prison overcrowding.
3. Drug legalization would free up police resources to fight crimes
against people and property.
4. It would unclog the court system.
5. It would reduce official corruption.
6. Legalization would save tax money.
7. It would cripple organized crime.
8. Legal drugs would be safer. Legalization is a consumer protection
9. Legalization would help stem the spread of AIDS and other diseases.
10. Legalization would halt the erosion of other personal liberties.
11. It would stabilize foreign countries and make them safer to live in
and travel to.
12. Legalization would repair U.S. relations with other countries and
curtail anti-American sentiment around the world.
13. Legalization would prevent children from consuming drugs.
14. Legalization would encourage pharmaceutical companies the research
of safer and healthier drugs.
15. Legalization could teach people to live safe with drugs.

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