Me and my idol

I am very proud of my Bachelor’s degree from Manhattan College in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Pay no attention to the rumors that I was not the greatest student. Those are just lies and propaganda spread by my detractors. I achieved it while working full-time, dating full-time, partying full-time, and playing cards full-time. I went on to a career in Information Technology with big companies because in those days only those big companies could afford “computers”. Those big companies needed to operate, program, and use those “big boxes”. Electronic Engineers, in addition to understanding the value of computers, could program them. It was like an occult art in those days. Heck, most people couldn’t spell hexadecimal. And us “injineers” couldn’t spell anything that wasn’t hex. Luckily due to the high costs, the companies paid very well for the expertise and gave us a track to the “top”. Otherwise, I’d have been a “brain surgeon” somewhere (i.e., like the poor souls seen on some quiz shows; very smart, menial job, never having found their niche in life). There but for the Grace of the Intelligent Designer go I.

I also have an MBA in Management, and MS Comp Science from FDU with remarkably better grades. After all I was only working ONE full time job, having married my soul mate Frau Reinke. This eliminated the need for dating, partying, and cards. It was like dropping three full time jobs. At least, that’s what she told me. According to her, there was no further need for those time wasting activities, that took me away from earning money. Lot’s of money! I do take editorial note of all the people playing poker for millions today; so maybe I could have been a contender.


I fancy myself as life long learner, every year undertaking — often at my own expense — one business and one technology educational activity. The inveterate tinker I run a garage datacenter, including 802.11 wireless, and several Linux boxes (i.e., old junk that no one wants and can’t envision doing anything useful). I do offer services to others interested in R&D, or other such topics.

Always compare yourself to less intelligent people or things

Recognizing that I’ve either been very lucky, or have had a very good wife to motivate me (She told me that often; so it must be true! And, I miss her very much!!), I try to help others as I’ve been helped. Hence, my interest in: “social networking”, career management / job search, and productivity. Since I’m a Type A, frenetic, and always seem to be “in transition” or in danger of transition, I try to help “my fellow turkeys” because I learn from “helping”. So if I can be of some assistance, please ask. While I know I can be brusque, rude, and abrasive, I’m just trying to “help”. You may not like my kind of “help”, but, trust me, I think you need it. See, unlike me, you’re not perfect. :-) Also, remember I am an “ITSJ”, so you have to start the conversation.


And, I’m a blogger, writer, and all abound fat old white guy injineer!



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21 Responses to About

  1. “When hiring key employees, there are only two qualities to look for: judgement and taste. Almost everything else can be bought by the yard.”— John W. Gardner

  2. reinkefj says:

    Dad’s family was from Oregon. So, that explains my lack of academics, science — natural or otherwise, and athletics. I’m sure it will be a “good” waster of your time. Sigh!

  3. Jim says:

    It was the name that hooked me. In this area of so. CA the Reinke name is associated with academics, natural science and athletics. So, the blog has to be good!

  4. reinkefj says:

    LOL, my Dad and his family is from Oregon. There’s a “reinke” facebook group. And, did you know that reinke dot com is own by the reinke pivot irrigator company in Nebraska. I figure one of these days, I meet my long lost cousins.

  5. Flo (Reinke) Johnson says:

    Just happened to bump into your blog.
    Even though it appears we come from different parts of the spectrum (I’m conservative, LCMS Lutheran, and Republican) decided to touch bases since we do/did share the same last name.
    Take care.
    Originally from Idaho, spent time in California, but now in the South…
    Flo (Reinke) Johnson

  6. reinkefj says:

    Thanks for your kind words. Just remember that the rules do change. Some times quickly. Some times silently. But change happens. In my experience, it’s happened five times: gold watch era; five year pension vesting; entrepreneurial; web-based businesses; and currently “do a little of everything”. I can’t tell you what they next change will be. BUT, it will be.

  7. Amethyst says:

    Hello Reinke,

    I just read a comment you posted at Zen Habits on Education Needs to Be Turned on Its Head, Aug 30th.

    Your comment pretty much summarized what my goals encompass as a young twenty something wondering what it was exactly that I learned from the traditional school system. I’ve never heard it put so succinctly and simply. I have a feeling I will be printing out that list and taping it to my wall for future reference. ;) Thanks for the wisdom.


  8. Shea Reinke says:

    Hey! Reinke! Are we related? I’m Shea iben Danny iben Emil iben Christian. You?

  9. brendabowers says:

    I found you because you somehow found me first. Your blog is pure enjoyment—-yes, I can enjoy thoughtful and even heartbreaking posts when well written. BB

  10. Josh Emory says:

    Great site! Keep up the good work!

  11. Sr Marguerite says:

    We are a religious community founded in France in 1839 to care for the elderly poor. Please do not use our name in your writings. Thank you.

  12. […] I should Practice what I Preach!! Over the last two years, the lovable Turkey Master (OK, he’s not lovable, but I needed an adjective that I hadn’t used yet); has harped […]

  13. Matthew Reinke says:

    Love reading your stuff! REINKES RULE!

  14. […] read FJohn’s post first thing this morning and it struck a nerve (not his post, but the article). The Post was […]

  15. Mark Shead says:

    Hi! I’m doing a new set of group interviews at http://www.productivity501.com and would like to include your input.

    The short answers give readers a number of great viewpoints while exposing them to other blogger’s ideas, websites and RSS feeds.

    All you need to do is visit : http://www.productivity501.com/ri/thankyou

    and pick a few questions to answer. Two to five sentences is great,but there isn’t a limit if you want to say more. Answer any of the
    questions that seem interesting.

    Thanks and I’m looking forward to reading your answers!

    Mark Shead


    PS:My goal is to have this group of interviews done by the end of Tuesday (April 22nd).

    I am looking for ways to make this process as easy as possible to help give us the widest range of views. If you have any suggestions,
    please let me know.

  16. reinkefj says:

    >You can also uninstall Yahoo MusicMatch Jukebox

    I’ll try that. It just annoys me to lose something I paid for! Pre-yahoo musicmatch for managing my mp3.


  17. Gary Murray says:

    You can also uninstall Yahoo MusicMatch Jukebox by locating the file on your harddrive and finding the uninstall utility that is within the folder since Yahoo does not include an uninstall utility in the programs menu. The add/remove software programs in my control panal does not list jukebox and this was the only method I could use to uninstall it. i even tried a few uninstall programs and they still did not list jukebox. Hope this helps!

  18. Tom Briscoe says:

    pReinkester… I dropped by your blog thanks to you providing a link in your response to me. In reading a recent entry it sounds like you? might have been hospitalized. Hope all is well in Reinke World as you read this tripe. I was misinformed about your attendance at Mario’s I see. Hope you try and make the next one. i surely will. is it true you have been to ALL major league parks? Kudos! Mucho dinero.

    Do you know much about podcasting? I would love to be able to attach a ‘button’ to my blog site so I could read my blog aloud (or better yet, have it open automatically when my regulars arrive at the site with a greeting from the TennisTitan!) to my unsuspecting tennis cronies as I inflate my ego not only with written but spoken words. I know I can use my webcamera on my computer for more than video calls to my sons. Are you also so equipped to make your consulting more personalized from afar? If so my skype is Tommy5291946 should you care to consult on this or any other topic. Be well. Tom (Do I know John Francois/ – name is familiar)

  19. John Francois says:

    Considering you my best friend for over 36 years now, I can attest to the validity of this profile. There may be a little ‘tongue in cheek’ injected here and there, but its all true! And this is a really great blog….I love the links that you have provided as well. If I weren’t such a ‘luddite’ (as you affectionately refer to me in your blog rants), I would go that ‘best blog’ site and recommend this one!

  20. reinkefj says:

    Have you forgotten how I can eat? As I recollect, no one in high school or college would “share a pizza” with me. Remember, chip in and eat till it ran out. Except I LOVED pizza (and it shows) and would eat two to everyone else’s one. After a while, no one want me to “share”. :-) I’m planning on coming if I can find out where it is. If only to stamp the PREP64 distribution address on everyone’s left hand. Everyone who went to Catholic school was converted to write right handed. Arghhhh!

  21. Tom Briscoe says:

    pReinkster… I wish I had the techie skills that you possess… I have a lot of fun with my blog as it is but with your help…. Are you finally coming to one of our dinners?

    If so, here’s the deal… I pick your brain, you pick off my plate!

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