TINFOILHAT: Where’s the Babushka Lady? Why didn’t she take cover?


1. Babushka Lady

Babuska lady 2018 04Apr 11
[Image via Historic Mysteries]

The ‘Babushka Lady’ is the nickname given to the unidentified woman who was present during the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The woman appeared in numerous films that captured the final moments of Kennedy’s life, she was seen standing, holding a camera to her face even though most of the surrounding witnesses had taken cover. The woman never came forward and despite multiple appeals and an extensive investigation by the FBI, her identity (and what she may know) remains a mystery to this day.

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There are just way too many unanswered questions. “We” need to have a real “housecleaning” for all the facts of the JFK assassination. And before all the witness die and take their story to the grave!

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2 thoughts on “TINFOILHAT: Where’s the Babushka Lady? Why didn’t she take cover?

  1. Come on friend….that borders on the absurd! She is acting no different than all the people on the grass around her who had gathered to watch the procession. Some were sitting on blankets on the grass, she happened to be standing. They are all looking in the same direction. No panic or running around with those folks, and she was just one of them. That is a big nothing in my opinion, just like most of that conspiracy stuff. It’s like with Trump, we have the man, now let’s find a crime. Same with this, “everything” becomes “something” when you have already reached a conclusion. You and I are opposites when it comes to these conspiracy theories…you soak them up and I get a kick out of them. Oh well…to each his own.

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