GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Anyone visit the “new” Medicare site?

They have updated their security requirements.


Now are you telling me that you think that the “average” poor old senior citizen on a fixed income has to create a NEW unique password that’s hard to remember, not anything useful or memorable, and not one of the last nine?

Let me guess the most popular password set?

(password$1, password$2, password$3, password$4, password$5, password$6, password$7, password$8, password$9, password10)

Of course, that’s MUCH better than what LastPass would generate for me (i.e., triangumebabelinolowlysi, amplaintemproaramoniveri, tiongerystiorwarancemans, … … …). Well you get the idea!


Look at those password requirements.

A 16 character limit? I always use LastPass’ 24 option.

Add a number and one of a few special characters? In technical terms, it increase the entropy from (26**16) to (44**16) where as my LastPass choice would be (26**24). Who’s password is better?


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