Last night, for dinner, because I’d stopped at Quik Chek #quickchek for some Half & Half, I bought a ham sandwich with lettuce and russian dressing. It was almost inedible. In comparison to the sandwich I usually get at Wawa (#wawa Wawa #912), there was no comparison. Wawa allows you to get just the bread toasted. Quick Chek toasts something but I couldn’t figure out what; it was cold. The meat on the Quik Chek sandwich was just plopped on it as a mass; Wawa places individual slices. In fairness, Quik Chek does offer russian dressing; I don’t think Wawa does. I know Quik Chek charged me more than Wawa does, but I don’t have the receipts from each. Sigh! So FWIW, I won’t be buying subs from Quik Chek again. YMMV!

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