RANTING: What good is the FDA?


What to Eat and What to Avoid to Protect Against Kidney Cancer
Written by: Michael Greger M.D. on September 8th, 2016

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When meat producers advertise their bacon or lunch meat as “uncured,” this means no nitrites or nitrates added. But if you look at the small print you’ll see something like “except for celery juice.” That’s just a sneaky way to add nitrites. Processed meat producers ferment the nitrates in celery to create nitrites, then add it to the meat; a practice even the industry admits “may be viewed as incorrect at best or deceptive at worst.”

*** end quote ***

So “meat producers” find away to deceive the consumers and where’s the FDA?

Why does “We, The Sheeple” think that the Gooferment cares about “protecting” THEM?


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