INTERESTING: Where DID the Lake Titicaca Peru totora reeds come from?

Review of : BEFORE COLUMBUS : The New History of Celtic, Egyptian, Phoenician, Viking, Black African And Asian Contacts and Impacts in the Americas Before 1492 By Dr. Samuel D. Marble
By Jim Leslie
Ancient America
July 8, 2015

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Soon after the Christian era started, China became the principal supplier of ceramics and pottery to the east coast of Africa. Marble asks that if these Chinese voyages were possible, why is it not plausible the same mercantile drive could also make crossing the Atlantic possible? Totora reed grows only in the fresh waters of the Nile and Lake Titicaca of Peru. Each is genetically identical to the other and it could not have found its way to the Andes unless carried by hand. Is this evidence of an African presence? Egyptians wearing birdlike hats with beaks wove the reeds to make boats for the Nile, and men wearing similar hats with beaks are shown in ancient artworks of Peru where reed boats were woven with the totora reeds in a pattern almost identical to that of ancient Egypt., Is this an accidental development by different peoples unknown to each other at about the same time and separated by half a world?

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This book ranks at the top of the ‘Before Columbus’ entries for its breath of coverage of evidence known at that time. His literature research was extensive and all encompassing, yet he made it readable to the general audience.

I agree when Dr. Marble writes there is no sure way of knowing if the evidence in his book is actually what really happened. No evidence will convince everyone, for there is no way of knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s almost impossible for a defense attorney to prove the innocence of his client; the best he can do is to cast enough doubt in the minds of a few jurors so they will vote for innocence. Whether the client is guilty or innocent does not matter in the court of law.

Outside of mathematics there are no descriptions of events that work perfectly. Of course truth does exist somewhere in these vents, and Marble sites the newest tools available at the time – dendrochronology, blood type, C14, and ground penetration.

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Fascinating stuff.

Perhaps EVERYTHING we know about history is wrong?

Fascinating stuff to me.

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