MONEY: Target and a dead account

Dear REDcard holder,
Thank you for your patience with Target as we work through the breach of certain credit and debit card information at U.S. Target stores between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, 2013. Due to high volumes to our call centers, we want to make sure that you have some key information.
We want you to know a few important things:
You do not need to call us unless you found charges on your account that you didn’t make.
You will not be held liable for any fraudulent charges.
We have made changes to our REDcard fraud detection and authorization procedures to further protect you.
We are offering free credit monitoring for one year to every single person who was impacted by this crime. We will give you more information about that soon.
If you have concerns and would like to check your account online, visit
For additional questions, check Frequently Answered Questions on Target’s corporate website.
We hope these resources help with your immediate needs. If you still feel you need to speak with someone by phone, you may call 866-852-8680.
Thank you for your continued support of Target.

Scott Kennedy, President, Financial Retail Services, Target

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Forgot I had that. But it’s on a dead account. Good luck hackers.

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