MEME: Good riddance to home plate collisions

Sports: Three cheers for the likely end to home plate collisions
Published by: Dan Calabrese on Saturday October 26th, 2013 

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I really don’t think anyone will miss the collisions – certainly not the catchers, who get banged up enough taking foul tips to the mask and the chest for nine innings. And as for the runners who get thrown out at the plate, and the third base coaches who decide to take a risk and send them, I guess their approach will need to be adjusted to reflect the fact that plays at the plate will now work like the rest of the game of baseball. And if it really bothers them that much, they can always try out for the NFL.

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Baseball isn’t football.

Football isn’t hockey.

Hockey is just a fight on ice.

Our society is sick with violence and, in sports, we need to change our thinking.

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