INTERESTING: “THE PUB” in 22102 allows smoking

Tonight I found a bar that allows smoking?

It’s attached to a Chinese restaurant.

Strange, I thought the smoking Nazis had wiped out this particular form of freedom.

It could, if it wasn’t for the smoke, become one of my favorite places.

Only two kinds of draft beer — bud and bud light (yuck) — and only a half dozen varieties of bottled beer.

(Not a problem considering I gave up beer and facebook for lent.)

Just shocked me. And reminded me how much I don’t like smoke.

But as a Little L Libertarian, that decision should be left to the owner. Patrons and workers are free to seek other venues.



2 thoughts on “INTERESTING: “THE PUB” in 22102 allows smoking

  1. Well, as little L libertarian, I’ll trust you not to rat on them, but they’re probably just one of hundreds of places that quietly ignore or skirt the ban. Five years after the California bar ban an Antismoker did an undercover study and was dismayed to find that, right in the heart of extremist Kookiefornia, roughly half the bars he inspected were allowing smoking in various ways at the times he went to watch them. Restaurants on their own can survive prohibitions on tobacco or alcohol, but bars are a different story: they lose about 20% of their business and you end up then with about 20% closing and the remainder seeming to do OK.

    In a more reasonable world, without The Men With The Guns in the background, you could probably talk in a relaxed and friendly way with the manager at the place and convince him to stick another window fan someplace pulling the smokey air out. In the world as it is he’ll probably just get all stressed out and hostile as soon as you bring the subject up because he’ll be afraid you’ll snitch on him to the cops and he’ll wind up losing the bar biz that’s keeping him afloat. See either p. 15 of “The Lies Behind The Smoking Bans” at or the full list Samantha, Dave, and I put together at: while bearing in mind that while I’m calling it “full” it’s really only a very small gathering put together by three people over the course of a month or so of looking around.

    Michael J. McFadden
    Peace Studies ’73

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