RANT: Scissors! Seriously?


This just wants to make me scream: “Idiots”! Who in their right mind thinks this is “helpful”?


2 Responses to RANT: Scissors! Seriously?

  1. reinkefj says:

    Always do what your Mom told me. As soon as I pass the VA concealed carry, I won’t need the scissors. I’ll just pull “Martha” out and go for “center of mass”. Nothing like a 45 ACP round to convince a ne’eer-do-well to place his weapon down and put his hands up. It’s only in the movies that someone get knocked down with a 45 slug and gets up to fight on. Come to think of it , the media protrays getting hit in the head as no big seal either. Any time I’ve bumped my head, that was pretty much it for a while. Argh!

    Any way, Gooferment stupidity abounds. And, the ability of the CLovers to accept this drivel amazes me.

  2. frenchync says:

    But I might have to ‘run’ with them, and my mom told me to “Never run with scissors”! LoL

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