FUN: I vote for “Tail-egger”


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Taylor Swift spends July 4 with Schwarzenegger’s son, other Kennedys
Flirt alert! Taylor Swift, 22, spent Independence Day hanging out with Patrick Schwarzenegger, 18, at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass., a source tells Us Weekly. ”They are getting to know each other, but she thinks he’s cute!” PHOTOS: Famous political families T …

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On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 5:48 PM, Favorite Gooferment Worker wrote:

“Favorite Gooferment Worker” shared this with you from TODAY Entertainment:

Note: “This can’t make you happy.”

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Sure it does.

The gal needs to find her one true love.

The big thing is do we call it “Taylor-negger”, “Pat-wift”, “Patta-Tail”, “SwiftaSwarrz”, or will we have another great “revenge song” from the Princess of Puberty?

She reminds me of when I was young such a long long time ago. When I was one of the young and beautiful. At least in my own mind. 

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One concern I have is marital fidelity doesn’t run in the Kennedy genes; nor Schwarzenegger ones. So, as an old “swift”, I’d advise her to be extremely suspect of their intentions. 

She’s not fifteen any more. And, lest she wind up plucked and thrown aside like Abigail, i’d use the aspirin method with these clan of philanderers! Joe Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, Kennedy nephew William Smith, Skakel, … chips off the old block — Bootleg Joe, JFK, RFK, and Teddie.

Either that or bring her Mom and Dad on any date. 

Remember Martha Moxley, Mary Jo Kopechne, and countless others. That came out a lot worse than wear and tear.

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Maybe on reflection, she should stick to the Nashville talent.

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