RANT: Never forgive, never forget, never spend — stop corporate welfare cold!



OK, Clean Slate Time

*** begin quote ***

It was a really bad thing. The Cards’ owners had an aggregate net worth of something like $15 billion, but wanted the taxpayers of St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and Missouri to pick up the stadium tab.

*** and ***

Next year, I think I’ll go see a game in that stadium I paid for.

*** end quote ***

Say it isn’t so. The only two weapons that an advocate of the NVP are: ostracism and spending. By not standing forcefully against that Stadium deal, you’ve forgone one. By going to a game next year, you’ve given up the other. It’s tough to find one’s principles. It’s even harder to stick to them. And, it’s all to easy to just cave. Be strong for all of us little L libertarians who read this blog and follow you for inspiration. If you cave, why should the rest of us hold the line?

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