POLITICAL: Congress shall make no law …


FCC cracks down on religious broadcasters
By BROOKS BOLIEK | 10/31/11 3:29 PM EDT

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While the FCC’s Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau used the Anglers Order as the model to grant at least 298 other exemptions, the full commission overturned that decision Oct. 20 after objections were raised from a coalition of organizations for the deaf and hard of hearing.

The churches may still be eligible to win an exemption from the rules if they can prove they can’t afford closed captioning, but they now have to make their case individually.

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I think the headline writer has it exactly right.

If the FCC can demand that they do this, why not that?

What’s next? Mandatory Spanish Language. Non-discrimintation against pro-choice, homosexual, LGT, … politicians?


Lay down with the Devil; wake up with fleas.

Or something like that.

These churches should have said on day one, “Excuse me, First Amendment, remember that? We ain’t even talking to youse bureaucrats. And, I’m calling my Uncle Vinny, … “.

Referring to a blogger or maybe an old reporter! Whatever did you think I meant?

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