JOBSEARCH: Advice to a baby turkey

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I will look into. Just found out yesterday that I need to start a job search and need to figure out the social networking piece besides LinkedIn. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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I’m sorry to hear that. Not so much that you’re changing but that you’re not fully ready.

For techies, I think you should have a professional blog. Where you display your dikw (i.e., data, information, knowledge, wisdom) for all to see.

You need a professional sounding domain name. You can even use WordPress for just the cost of the domain. (I think it’s 15 or 20 bucks a year.)

I have on the free WordPress offering and on a hosted site (60$ per year, but I have complete control of it).

You hook that INTO your linkedin account and you then have a stream of professional content flowing to your linkedin network.

Get a twitter account with the same or similar “professional sounding” name and hook the blog to that. Voila, you have a good stream of tweets that reflect well on you. ( has the twitter account @technologyleg)

DO the same thing on FACEBOOK.

Cross post the blog post’s url to GOOGLEPLUS (haven’t figure how to do that automagically yet).

And you’ve got all the major social media.

Then you’re a social media guru.

But, don’t emulate me. My personal blog is very opinionated. Probably hurts me to be so out there. But, I’, just a fat old white guy injineer at the end of his career and life.

Hope this helps,

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