JOBSEARCH: “first, help; then, be helped”

How to network the tailgate party
By Kirstin Swagman
Sep 30, 2011

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5. Focus on what you share, not what you want

A tailgate is a social event not a business one, and students should approach it as such.

“Networking doesn’t have to begin with a business discussion at all,” Machado said. “It could very much be a casual conversation. What they want to do is get to know this person and get to know about this person. Ask the alum about themselves. ‘When did you graduate?’ ‘What did you study?’ ‘What do you do now?’ “

Turner suggests students use the shared college experience as a point of entry into their interests and experiences.

In Turner’s case, “These are individuals that have the University of Michigan as a common connection.” She said, “These are possible points of conversation–talking about what their experiences on campus have been and through that highlighting their skill set.”

Extra points: “Be a good listener,” Machado advises. Networking is a two-way street.

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Everyone seems to, in the panic to find a “job”, that dictum: “first, help; then, be helped”.

How may I help you?

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