MEMORIES: Pat Summitt — Dementia diagnosis

Dementia diagnosis won’t stop Pat Summitt
By Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports

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They’ve called Pat Summitt a groundbreaker, a legend, an inspiration and the “Wizard of Knoxville,” a nod to UCLA’s John Wooden, who may be the only college basketball coach who can compare.

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Frau Reinke loved Coach Summitt. She saw herself in her, the way she played, and the way she coached. Her, and Coach Grentz, were in Our Girl’s personal HoF.

She’d be saddened by this news.

I’m not surprised at the lack of a “pity party”. Like Frau Reinke, all these gals are cut from a very unique cloth.

My prayers and good thoughts go out to Coach Summitt, her boy, and her family.

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2 thoughts on “MEMORIES: Pat Summitt — Dementia diagnosis

  1. Must have been something … a common characteristic among about poor young girls who played bball? — no pity parties; just True Grit. :-( Never met Summit or Grentz, but your Aunt followed them like kindred spirits.

  2. I thought about Auntie Ev yesterday when the news hit. Sad, but she’ll attack this with the same vigor she attacks UCONN. Even Geno seemed genuinely saddened by the news.

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