INSPIRATIONAL: Would you trade me for a xxxxxxxxx who would live longer?”.

TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2011
Would You Trade Me?

*** begin quote ***

I was a teenager when my mother fought cancer. As she lay dying I was understandably upset. She squeezed my hand and pulled me close. She whispered in my ear. “Would you trade me?”. I did not understand the question, so she asked, “Would you trade me for a mother who would live longer?”.

*** and ***

If you cannot change a bad situation, do not let it define you.

*** end quote ***

As Perry Mason would say “Objection. The question assumes facts not yet in evidence.”

Nor would there ever be any evidence.

Can’t rewind the VCR. No redos like Groundhog Day. No way to know.

I can empathize with the question.

The answer is “Of course not”. Because even if you wanted to, you can’t. So why waste your time, attention, and effort to make yourself even more unhappy.

My advice is: “Make a decision and hang on for the ride.”

Mine was a hell of a ride. Too short. But there are no guarantees when you buy your ticket to ride.


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