INSPIRATIONAL: Date specific Mass Cards

Recently, I was surprised when someone close to me didn’t know that there were two kinds of Mass cards. I thought this was surprising. Blinding flash of the obvious. I figured I should post about the difference.

Catholics, and others, “buy” “Mass Cards” for the deceased. It’s an attempt to “buy the deceased’s way into heaven”.

You can decide if such exists, if it’s an appropriate strategy, and if it does any good.

There are, in fact, two types. One with a specific date for the Mass being offered for the name deceased and one without.

The date-specific ones cite a date, time, and location where that specific Mass will be offered.

The non-date-specific promise something else. Masses offered, prayers, “enrollment”, and all sorts of stuff.

Now the funds, given for “Mass Cards”, hopefully go towards good works. So in that sense, it always does good.

There’s a tradition in the American Irish, (I don’t know about other groups), that date specific events in memory of a loved one should be attended.

So, I received four of these. And, I attended one so far, and I plan to go to the other three.

It may or may not make a difference.

So, now, everyone knows that there are, what I will call, “Mass Cards” and “ersatz Mass Cards”.

Interesting the distinction.

It’s inspirational in that people will give away their wealth to try and make the family of the deceased feel better.

One of my now deceased Uncles, called these “White Elephants”, in that you’re being given something that requires actions on your part.

So imho be careful to GIVE “white elephants” they seem to be worth more.

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