INSPIRATIONAL: Addis Hope — USA $9.00 — sponsor a child for a year!

Dear Donor Partners of Addis Hope,

The cost of running the Addis Hope program has now increased by 53% and when some long standing donor partners can no longer assist at the same funding level, I am extremely worried about the future of this much needed program. Your desperately needed financial support obviously continues to be our vital life line. The 150 Ethiopian dollars – the equivalent today of USA $9.00 we have been asking for the last ten years of the program to sponsor a child for a year makes it very difficult to keep the program operational in light of the huge increase in the cost of living.

As many of you have responded very generously to our Christmas appeal, I’m now asking if it would be possible for even more of you to do the same this Easter season by going to our web site ( to locate any additional “disposable income” for the program.

For the children of Addis Hope the program is intended to grow their minds to feed their future in a country where malnourishment of both the intellect and body is very evident.

Again, many thanks and may the risen Lord continue to bless you.
Brother Gregory Flynn (Jack)

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[JR: I prefer charities that I can “see”. In this case, I trust my fellow Jasper. Seems like a good “sacrifice” to make — 9 bucks. Little more than a “designer” beer at any place other than a dive. For a year! Seems like a “good buy”.]

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