TINFOILHAT: BOR tries to explain BHO44’s CT SSN


O’Reilly falsely claims Conn. was residence for Obama Sr.

*** begin quote ***

In an attempt to explain why Barack Obama, who lived in Hawaii as a teen, has a Social Security number that indicates he had a Connecticut address, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly asserted the president’s father lived in the state.

But there is no evidence that Barack Obama Sr., who left Hawaii in 1962 to study at Harvard in Massachusetts and then returned to his home country of Kenya, ever lived in Connecticut.

*** end quote ***

I watch Bill O’Reilly regularly, and sometimes Glenn Beck.

BOR has been completely dismissive of the “birthers”. I agree that there is little “evidence” that BHO44 was born ANYWHERE.

Obviously, he was born SOMEWHERE. And, there is some assertions that REGARDLESS of where he was born, he’s not a “natural born citizen”. (That’s a term of art from the late 1700’s that is well defined in Blackstone’s but not in Federal Law.)

(That assertion cites the dual citizenship of BHO44’s purported father and the age of his purported mother. Or is it “alleged”?

Lately, I suspect everything. There’s a good reason for the Rules of Evidence. As opposed to the Rules of Engagement.

Anyway, I saw Bill making his argument. And, just from my casual knowledge of the assertions, I KNOW he’s wrong about the CT SSN. I think his EGO has tripped him up here.

And, expect that eventually there’s going to be a lot of “egg on face” for a lot of reporters, investigators, and pundits.

As Trump says, (and I’m no Trump fan), “He may have pulled off the scam of the century.”


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