MEMORIES: Children always “lit up” Our Girl; everyone saw it.

RECEIVED FROM NIECE-IN-LAW (Of whom the State of New Jersey say is no longer related for inheritance tax purposes)

My neighbor sent me a note today- she has been here for many parties- and remembers Auntie Ev fondly. Wanted to share it with you. She wrote:

Dear Megan,

The joy you and your family gave your Aunt was obvious. I can picture her arriving at your house and scanning the activity taking place. As she discovered the where-abouts of each of your children her face would light up. It didn’t seem possible, but as each of your children acknowledged her presence her face brightened even more. Whether their greeting was a distant wave, a hug, or showing or telling your aunt some news, she was delighted by the interaction. I am sure you have many memories of your Aunt to treasure. I am glad I have this one.


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Thanks. Nice to know that it was seen by even strangers.

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