INSPIRATIONAL: Nice to be held in high regard

A certain young lady I know called me to announce her engagement. I was so pleased to hear that. She’s great young lady and deserves every happiness in the world.

I was modestly embarrassed that she felt it necessary to tell me herself before I read it on Facebook. Folks don’t have to show me such respect.

Remember the one of the sources of my education: … … and creating caring human relationships from studying the movie roles of Gunny Ronald Lee Ermey!

So, I was honored by the call.

Today, I got a call from the Mother of the Bride. Of course, she’s tickled. And, we chatted about it.

Then she said something that really moved me. “When {Privacy Invoked} told me, she said: “He’s just like Uncle John but younger.”

I was stunned some one using me as a measuring stick. I’d say that is very small stick and should be easy to surpass.

I hope he’s much better than me. Because I know all my short comings and failures.

In a very bad year, this could be high point.

Mozel Tov.

And, I’d have been just happy if I had read it on Facebook.

Remember Frau Reinke dictum: “Don’t give him any compliments. His head barely fits through the door now.” She, of course, was absolutely right.

Now how will I get this giant head in the front door? Guess I can get it in through the patio sliding glass one.

Hope this makes you laugh. It makes me very humble.

# # # # #

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