GUNS: Everyone should be able to protect themselves

FL: Self-defense law gets man released from jail
Herald Tribune

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Gunfire erupted on a Newtown street in May, leaving Patrick Barbour dead on the road and Alphonse Gallo in jail facing a murder charge and the possibility of life behind bars. But a judge listened to the details of the killing and ruled that Gallo, 35, should not be prosecuted for murder because of Florida’s stand-your-ground law, which allows people to use deadly force to defend themselves. Gallo testified that Barbour and several other men confronted him May 15 …. The two had a minor fight about 30 minutes earlier. Gallo testified that Barbour, 24, threatened to rob him and then pulled a handgun from a pocket. Gallo, who had a concealed weapons permit to carry a handgun, said he drew his own gun and fired at Barbour three times.

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FL leads the way to common sense. Time to take back the Rights as embodied by the Second Amendment. We need Vermont-style open and concealed carry. Let’s sprinkle some sheepdogs in among the sheep. That should surprise the you-know-what out of those predators who make victims out of people who have been deprived of their RIGHT of self-defense by the Gooferment!

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One Response to GUNS: Everyone should be able to protect themselves

  1. As a former police officer and Florida concealed weapons permit course instructor, I was happy to see the stand your ground law or castle doctrine as its is sometimes called passed in Florida.

    These laws have saved many laws and put some criminals where they need to be – in the ground.

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