IPAD: Is held hostage by ITUNES and docking

So far the only way I have found to get a book into, or is it onto, the IPAD is via ITUNES. You either have to buy through their store (and boy do they make that convenient) or to import into ITUNES, dock the ipad, and sync it on board. That’s a pain. Amazing that the IPAD and the MACBOOKAIR are both sitting next to each other and they can not communicate by wifi or bluetooth. It’s no wonder that APPLE gets the label “CLOSED” and “DUMB”. Amazing for as good as their hardware is — novel, useful, and thought provoking, their implementations leave a lot to be desired.

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4 thoughts on “IPAD: Is held hostage by ITUNES and docking

  1. I so totally agree, and we Apple users have to call Apple out on this one. Sure, use iTunes for the majority of people who are happy with It Just Works. But give us the option to do wifi/BT transfers also.

  2. There are several other ways. The first two involve just your iPad:
    1. iBooks by itself:
    – Open iBooks on your iPad
    – Open your library (looks like a book shelf)
    – Tap on the “Store” button
    – Buy a book

    2. Use Amazons Kindle for iPad, buy, read.

    3. Stanza, this could involve your MacBook, but no connection between it and your iPad:
    – download Stanza for both your iPad and MacBook
    – tap on the “Get Books” button at the bottom
    – use the MacBook version to convert almost any other ebook into the epub format
    – upload them to your own website
    – use Stanza on the iPad to download and read them

  3. Actually you can buy books through Stanza off the wifi. Also, there are many Ipad and Itouch applications that communicate via wifi with desktop computers or the cloud. And I buy and update Ipad applications via wifi not through Itunes (which then is useful only as occasional backup).

  4. I’ve used iTunes for years and it hasn’t bothered me in the least. To me it’s a fine repository for storing whole lots of content and that’s exactly what it was intended to be. I guess it would be OK if I could transfer content by wireless means, but then it would be a lot slower. I personally don’t see Apple giving up the iTunes method of docking for content transfer but I can’t predict the future. I only know that the current method of docking is more than suitable for me.

    I do understand that users that have constantly changing appointments or contacts would definitely be better served by wireless transfers. If the iPad moves into the enterprise, maybe Apple will make necessary changes for group users other than having to dock to their own computer.

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