POLITICAL: Dirty tricks — absentee ballots not sent to the board of elections


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ADDENDUM: And oddly enough, a similar scandal is unfolding in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District, where Democratic incumbent Patrick Murphy is in the fight of his political life. Hundreds of voters in the district were warned that their votes might not count unless they returned an enclosed absentee ballot to a post office box in Bristol, Pennsylvania. The box was controlled by Murphy’s campaign manager, who then “re-mailed” the ballots to the local election board.

As National Review has learned, there was a sudden surge in Democratic absentee ballots in the district last week, and many were mailed in identical, pre-labeled envelopes. Local GOP officials say some of the suspicious ballots were post-marked as far back as August, suggesting they had been held by a third party–perhaps the same individual who controlled the P.O. box where they were mailed? You know, the same guy running Murphy’s re-election bid?

At this point, there’s no proof that Congressman Murphy was involved. Officials with his campaign insist that no ballots sent to the post office box were discarded or tampered with.


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There ought to be a law!

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