RANT: The View boiled over with Bill an the mosque


Interesting. BOR said that they have a right. And, that BHO44 distanced himself from the folks by stopping at that point without commenting on the appropriateness.

Joy is a hard left type so she kept interrupting and over talking him. His response of “you’ll learn something” was respond to rude with rude.

When he said, “Some muslims killed Americans in the WTC”.

That sent Whoppi over the edge. (I don’t understand why? BOR stated a fact.)

Adjusting my tin foil hat, what if 9-11 was a “false flag operation”?

In the world of international relations, terrorism, and spy versus spy, I would trust anything is what it seems.

Trust but verify. What better way to put a wedge between fellow Americans and another wedge between the USA and “the Muslim world”?   


# # # # # posted 2010-10-14

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