GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Here’s why the Gooferment shouldn’t be involved in schools

Miss. Middle School Bars Black Students From Running For Class President
At Nettleton Middle School, Student Government Posts Were Assigned by Race
Aug 27, 2010

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After 30 years of barring black students from running for class president, a Mississippi public middle school, reversed a Jim Crow era policy today and announced students of all races would be allowed to run for student government.

Students at Nettleton Middle School looking to run for class president, previously needed to maintain a B average, obtain 10 signatures from their classmates – and be white.

Rules issued last week outlined the school’s rules for seeking office. Students could run for president, vice president, secretary-treasurer and reporter, but some positions were off-limits depending on race.

In all three grades, only white students could run for president. In eighth grade black students could run for vice president and reporter. In seventh grade blacks could only run for secretary-treasurer, and in sixth grade only for reporter.

There were no assigned positions for students of other races and no mention of students who are mixed race.

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And, “We, The People” should throw the politicians and bureaucrats out of the “education” process.

“We, The People” are smarter than this.

Remember Walter William’s opinion on education. “If the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan wanted to sabotage black academic excellence, he could not find a more effective means to do so than the government school system in most cities.”

It’s immoral to do this to children. It’s immoral to propagandize them into being prisoners of the system. Any system.

It took us decades to get into this mess; it’ll take decades to get out. But let’s start. I’d propose a two part way out. (I wrote this up for the NJ tax revolt group HANJ which was hijacked by the Republican party,

(1) Each part would be twenty years.

(2) First part, we continue funding education as we do now. EXCEPT each student gets a voucher for X dollars. In year 1, all vouchers are “RED” meaning they must be “spent” at the local school district. Then each year, for the next 19, in a random draw, 5% of the vouchers turn “GREEN” meaning the parent can use that at a school of their choice. No limits. No Gooferment rules. At the end of 20 years, we now have a free market in education. The Gooferment o longer is operating youth propaganda camps.

(3) Second part, each year for the next twenty years, the value of the voucher decreases 5%. At the end of 20 years, we are no longer funding education; parents are. They had them; they should educate them.

And, I hope you’all have a much different society, much freer, than we do today!

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