TINFOILHAT: Getting rich off the dead and maimed


Who’s Hiding What and Why
by Fred Reed

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If you don’t think that contracts—money—have a great deal to do with wars, reflect that all those hundreds of billions of dollars end up in pockets, and those pockets do not belong to soldiers. Makers of body armor, boots, ammunition, helicopters, on and on, are rolling in gravy. All this half-watched loot flows in cataracts at the price of at most sixty dead American kids a month (and lots of brain-damaged droolers, but what the hey). A bargain. Afghans don’t count.

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Who’s getting rich off the AfPak war?

Is this another case of privatizing the profits and socializing the losses?

Time to change policy. And if, like baseball, we can’t change the policy, change the head coach!

In this case, ALL incumbents should be shown the door. While the new politicians may be worse than the current, we should just keep the revolving door spinning. Could we do any worse?

How about we pick folks from the unemployment office? At least, then they will have a job. And, when they select their staff, they have to take folks from that unemployment office. It may increase costs a little, but it may cut down on the graft and theft.

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