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I’ve read some posts that people are able to fax using Verizon FIOS Digital Voice. I’ve had Vonage before switching to a triple play deal with Verizon. Now, I have Verizon FIOS Digital Voice.

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I have a traditional multifunction printer jacked into a fios setup. It works. If you need it, I can figure out how I wired it. (I just plugged stuff in and didn’t think too much about it. Guess heaven protects fools.) And, pass it along. I don’t remember DOING anything so I think stuff is just plugged in.

(As I remember, the FIOS modem has an RJ11 to my “computer room”. That’s plugged into the printer and then the “out jack” is plugged to a wireless phone’s base station. And, five wireless phones are around the house in various rooms. No science or thought put into it. I was just ASSUMING that it would work.)

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