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Manhattan College Scholarships?

I really want to go to Manhattan college and I have the grades to get in…i think. But i need scholarships in order to pay for it because my family does not have much money. I was wondering when they open the scholarships, I have been to the site but I dont see how I can apply for their scholarships. Do i need to apply to the college first? please help me!!

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Well, first, my new found future alumni, we have to be sure we’re all talking about the same school. “Manhattan College”, the one in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, specifically sees the “poor” as its forte. First one to go to college, those who have “the smarts” (not NECESSARILY the great test takers), “the poor” (folks who don’t have a 7M$ New Zeeeland yacht, but are “rich” to most schools) are valued applicants. So you need to do some leg work.

Get all your numbers in order. How much do you have to go to school? (Don’t be discouraged if its zero. Just be totally honest). Then, figure out in your own mind (write it down) what your goals are (Be specific. Write them down. Use colored crayons if you have to.) For example, I want to give the poor of the world the first color tv that they can afford with unlimited ediucational access. Or, perhaps, I will build the first widget and secure my parent’s financial future. What’s your passion and how does MC fit into that goal. (Note, goal, not dream. You’re going to do it!) Write down all the things that you’ve done that make you an asset to MC as a student (i.e., pick up litter when I walk anywhere; help old people cross the street; write birthday cards to nursing home residents),

Then, it’s time for action. Make two appointments down at our Manhattan College. ONE The Dean of the School you want to go to and discover if there is “chemistry” between your goal and MC. TWO the nice ladies down at the Financial Aid office. (After having read EVERYTHING cited below about Financial Aid. Nothing to turn people off as when they have to repeat what’s on the website.) Let them show you how to pay for your education. (You might have to get a job while in school. How dedicated are you to your goal? Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

And, I hope I’m alive to report your first job in Jasper Jottings! (The daily achievement journal of my fellow Jaspers, the alumni of Manhattan College)

Good luck,

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Shazam, my answer is posted. How did that happen?

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