GOVERNACIDE: Six more die in Afghan

NATO: 6 US troops killed in Afghanistan
Jul 10, 9:48 AM (ET)

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KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – Six American service members and at least a dozen civilians died in attacks Saturday in Afghanistan’s volatile east and south, adding to a summer of escalating violence as Taliban militants push back against stepped-up operations by international and Afghan forces.

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Paul’s stance on foreign policy is one of consistent nonintervention,which opposes war of aggression and entangling alliances with other nations. Paul advocates bringing troops home from U.S. military bases in Korea, Japan, and Europe, among others. He also proposes that the U.S. stop sending massive, unaccountable foreign aid.

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I distinctly remember in the debates Ron Paul saying “the first thing coming this way”. So why didn’t we elect the only true anti-war candidate? BHO44 was a fraud; he had no intention of ending the wars.

And, now six more are lost.

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