GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Cut out “problem” down to size!

Thursday, June 24, 2010
Out of work? Out of luck

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We are facing the worst employment crisis in memory, but Senate Republicans insist on playing political games with jobless benefits, forcing the Democrats into a counterproductive slashing of the bill and then still voting as a block against it.

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Correct me if I am wrong, BUT don’t the D’s control the Prez, the Senate, AND the House? They can literally send ALL the R’s home and nothing should stop them. Sorry, but you can NOT condemn the R’s for the lack of what you call progress on any issue.

Personally, as hard as it sounds, the Gooferment can’t spend us back to prosperity. Nor can they hand out unemployment “benefits” by borrowing from the Chinese and indenturing future generations.

Sorry, but folks are going to be hurt, take it on the chin, and even take big losses. For that we have to blame the politicians and bureaucrats. They were either asleep at the helm or corruptly blinded to the truth.

Sad to say but there is enough blame to go around. D’s or R’s. No one escapes the judgment of history.

That being said. We need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.

How about ending the drug war, pardon all the non-violent drug offenders, clase down the FDA, and send all the lobbyists home? Use the savings to pay down the debt.

How about adopting GW’s (George Washington’s foreign policy as pronounced by Ron Paul) by just bringing the troops home. Use the savings to pay down the debt.

How about getting the Federal Gooferment out of all sorts of things: the Agriculture Department, the Education Department, and Commerce, Energy, Transportation. Use the savings to pay down the debt.

We’d be back to “normal” in no time!

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