POLITICAL: End the War on (Some) Drugs now


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Hugo Salinas-Price: The drug war is mainly between those who are in the drug dealing business and are fighting over territory. But this war also breeds criminals who take up other ways of getting money, by assaulting peaceable citizens. A US President once told a Mexican President: “Mexico is the spring-board for drugs into the US.” To which our President at once replied: “If we are the spring-board, you are the swimming pool.”

Legalization of drugs would greatly diminish the problem of outlaw drug lords in Mexico – but I mean, legalization in the US. We have a drug war, because drugs are illegal in the US and thus fetch a very high price. Legalize the business in the US and the price of drugs will come down to the price of corn. Mexicans will go back to raising vegetables. Remember, it was Prohibition that made Al Capone rich.

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WalMart, Walgreens, and whatever drg company you can name can put the drug cartels OOB (out of biusiness) in a heartbeat.

Repeal ALL the drug laws today; end of drug violence tomorrow.

Will kids buy drugs? Sure. Who cares. They will be SAFE drugs. No more hot shots, ODs due to unknown strength, or drugs cut with rat poison.

Sad to say, but from time immemorial, we have had substance abusers. Nothing we can do about it, but get them help. Or, out of the gene pool. Tough love.

WalMart will be able to sell a carton of cigarettes cheap and easy. MaryJane is a weed; has to cost less than butts or beer. And, the “hard stuff”, less than the cost of aspirin. (Which is hard to make!)

Will drug use expand? I have no idea. I do know we will NOT have violent turf wars just like Prohibition.

The only question is what will all the unemployed drug sellers do? Get a job!


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