POLITICAL: Isn’t this supposed to be the “home of the brave”


Living with Risk is the Cost of Freedom
by Leonard Pitts Jr., May 08, 2010

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We always seem surprised.

Even after Oct. 1, 1910, when a bomb destroyed the Los Angeles Times building and killed 20 men.

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There’s a saying: I’d rather be lucky than good. Last week, we were both. But at some point, we will be neither.

So what can you do? The answer is that you do the best you can, take what precautions you can, and then you get on with it, learn to live with the risk freedom entails. You accept that risk because freedom is worth it.

And because living in fear is a contradiction in terms.

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The Gooferment, while its raison d’Eter is protection of our rights, is incapable of keeping us completely safe. We see that result in the movies — “The Matrix”, “V”, and “I, Robot” — and in countless Sci Fi texts. We couldn’t breathe with a complete cloak of protection around us. And, mistake would still happen.

So let’s recognize there will always be risk. Someone always wins the lottery. Reasonable mitigation, Mutual Cooperation as needed, strict restriction of unjustified Gooferment intrusions should be the “order of the day”.

After all this is supposed to be the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”.

We all don’t need “no stinkin’ badges” to keep ourselves safe.

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