LINKEDIN: Another reason NOT to use your employer’s email adress on LinkedIn  

LinkedIn to a Lawsuit
by Jim Hammerand Mar 31 2010

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As case law develops, courts could decide whether the online connections employees make at work belong to the employee or employer. Courts, Cotter said, have “a lot of discretion” in deciding whether comparable customer lists and contacts are trade secrets and whether social-networking activity can be covered by competitive agreements.

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Clearly, if you have a non-compete, then you’ve got a problem.

But, it can’t hurt to make sure that your LinkedIn account looks “personal”.

I’d go so far as to say you should NEVER use social networking from the company’s hardware, software, or network.

With 3G, 4G, and public wifis for networking. With iphone, ipad, netbooks, and cheap notebooks. With Open Source Software, as opposed to the corporate Microsoft suite. All demonstrate the difference.


Remember the sources of my education: I’m just a fat old white guy injineer with Law from watching Judge Judy, Medical from Doctor Phil, Building from Holmes on Homes, and Investing from Bernie Made-off.

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