RANT: Rosie O’Donnell Back to Daytime TV; not on my TV


Rosie O’Donnell Back to Daytime TV
Published March 19, 2010 Television Leave a Comment

*** begin quote ***

Rosie O’Donnell is headed back to daytime TV.

My sources say that Rosie will fill the void left by Oprah Winfrey starting in the fall of 2011.

Rosie was overheard telling pals at Joe Allen’s restaurant in New York last night that deal is almost done to restore her to her place as Queen of DaytimeTalk.

*** end quote ***

REF: https://reinkefaceslife.com/2010/02/19/rant-queen-of-nice-calls-rush-limbaugh-a-junkie/

Sorry, Rosie, you fooled me once.

You and your talk show foil Garofalo.

When you needed the viewers, it was all sweetness and light. Once you didn’t you trashed the simpletons that believed you.

Well, sorry, fool me once.

And, it’s not a gay thing. See, when we watched you, we knew you were, you just took care not to rub our noses in it. Everyone is entitled to privacy and choices. Just not, a public lashing, gay or straight. I don’t want the airways filled with sex or invectives by anyone.

So, while I wish you no harm, don’t expect me to watch and enrich you.

Your time has passed.

And, as Judge Judy say, “… if your tongue came notarized.”

Don’t tell me it’s raining either.


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