GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Health “something” takeover; just say “no”!


FJohn Reinke

>American Thinker Blog: A glimpse into our Kafkaesque future under Obamacare

“For a taste of the Kafkaesque under ObamaCare, consider the 159 new boards, panels and programs in the 2,733 page Senate Health bill, as compiled by Senate Republicans. These panels would be the face of ObamaCare for every aspect of every medical need of every American.”

WOW! And, this is better than the evil insurance companies?

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Yes, infinitely better, because insurance company executives will not be getting rich on the backs of middle-class Americans while actively depriving working-class and poor Americans of access to health care for their families.

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FJohn Reinke

Yeah, we’ll just have another slew of bureaucrats getting rich off of us. And, if you thought the insurance execs were highly paid, then wait until you see a bunch of gooferment executives and how much they get paid!

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In other words, America should remain in the position that it ranks 37th among the world in providing health care and have a mortality rate higher than some 3rd world countries.

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FJohn Reinke

AND, (with all due respect to a fellow Jasper), you think that turning over “health”, “health care”, or “health care insurance” — depending upon whatever the Socialists in DC are using to sway us today — is the way to improve that? It’s worked out REAL well for the American Indians who suffer with the “Indian Healthcare System”. It’s gooferment at it’s best where they are reported to say “Don’t get sick after June!”!!!!

Sorry, but as BAD as the current system is perceived to be, what they are going to do to us is WORSE.

And, my best argument: when you get screwed, who will you complain to? A gooferment court! Yeah right. AND, if you decide it’s a mistake, how are you going to unwind it? Answer: You can’t! It’s a one way street. Like another example of inter-generational theft, Social Security…. See More

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. TANSTAAFL: There Ain’t No Such Thing As a Free Lunch.

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Upon reflection:

(1) It is interesting how the Socialists “shift terminology”. Are we talking about “health”, “health care”, or “health care insurance”? These are all very different things. And that leads right into the next point.

(2) The Socialists mix stuff together. DOWNSIZEDC has a “One Subject At A Time” effort. Are we trying to reach the “uninsured”? Are we trying to lower the cost of “insurance”? Are we trying to address the “portability” of insurance without regard to employment (a vestige of WW2 wage and price controls)? What are WE trying to accomplish?

(3) “Pre-existing conditions” can NOT be covered. Covering them makes it into welfare or pre-paid medical care; not insurance.

(4) The gooferment, particularly in the FDA and in Medicare, is totally immersed in the minutia of “Health Care”. To the point of “regulatory capture”. Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and Big Medicine have a strangle hold on the regulatory mechanism. They have an incestuous relationship with congress critters via campaign contributions and regulators by employment opportunities.

(5) Government should be the “referee”. If you’re screwed by an insurance company, you can appeal to the “king” via the courts and regulators. With Obama-care, if you’re screwed, to whom will you appeal?

(6) Strategically, Obama-care plan is a one way street. Once we create an entitlement, and the sheeple plan around it and come to depend upon it, it’s immoral to jerk the rug out from under them.

(7) Tactically, Obama-care plan is a one way street. If this wildly unpopular bill becomes law, and even if the Congress turns over to the R’s, Obama will still be President for two more years. He’ll veto any repeal. So, the taxes will go into effect. Who knows who will be President in 2012? Hillary, Pallin, Ron Paul?

For these reasons, I am fundamentally opposed to this monstrosity being proposed.

I’m not so much worried for myself. But Frau needs her “health care” and can’t afford any screw ups.


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