RANT: Schools and the Fourth


Do Constitutional Rights End at the Schoolhouse Door?

John Witherspoon February 4th, 2010  

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This week, the NJ State Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion upholding the ability of a school administrator to search a student’s car parked on school property using a reasonableness standard of proof, rather than the more stringent, probable cause standard that would apply to a police officer’s search.

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Another nugget of fact appears from a close reading of the opinion. The Egg Harbor Township High School, where the events leading up to this case occurred, utilizes a school resource officer, employed by the Egg Harbor Township Police Department. After the school administrator searched the student’s vehicle, the officer took possession of the evidence and transported the student to the police station. So the officer was available to take the student into custody, but couldn’t be available to perform the search. Is that because the officer would be held to a higher standard of proof before he could perform the search?

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Unfortunately, if we were being true to the Constitution, then the school, which is the gooferment disguise, MUST observe the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment!

Why do we have gooferment skrools again?

To allow the gooferment to propagandize the yutes so they always vote the “right” way!

Silly sheeple, just do what your betters tell you to do. Or, else!

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