RANT:You may have no recourse


NateUVM says: 02/05/2010 at 11:09 am

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With all due respect, attempting to get something done since 1948 does not, in my opinion, indicate a “rush to do everthing all at once.” That’s how long we’ve been trying to fix health care.

The idea that this is being rammed through without due consideration is GOP spin.

You say “progressives want control.” My first question would be, “what control would this give them?”

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It gives them the power of “life and death”. And, don’t think it won’t get used and abuse. “Yes, Comrade NateUVM, you do have free speech, but for speaking out against the war (who knows which war it will be), you’ve been awarded a status of ‘category 12’ for you AND YOUR FAMILY. So, you can ONLY have aspirin and there will be a 7 year wait to see the specialist. If only, you’d have supported the war, you’d be category 21 and entitled to everything.”

Yes, like the Japanese internment, it CAN happen here.

I think the striongest argument against “gooferment healthcare” or “health insurance” is that if the gooferment screws you as opposed to the insurance company, where do you go for relief? The gooferment’s courts. Now you can sue. In the future, you may have no recourse.

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