POLITICAL: Sarah Palin’s Bill O’Reilly debut


Sarah Palin shoots straight in Bill O’Reilly debut on Fox News
Wednesday, January 13, 2010, 4:00 AM

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Patrick Roberts: Sarah Palin came out swinging on Bill O’Reilly last night – and for the first time I could see what this woman has that voters find so attractive.She swore, she let loose , she nailed some enemies. She came across as a real person, not a polished politician, but a person who, until very recently, was skinning polar bears or whatever it is they do in the wilds of Alaska.

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I saw the segment, but the follow up analysis was nuked by Haiti “coverage” (i.e., a talking female head repeating that they knew nothing, dermatologist describing how poor they were on her medical relief missions, and professional fundraiser asking for donations while patting themselves on the back for just delivering two containers of stuff that very day due to lucky timing; in other words, fluff!).

The ex-Guv dodged Bo’R’s attempts to get her to say something bad about the various folks attacking her. She deflected by reporting that the attackers weren’t there and were just passing along third had gossip.

The ex-Guv also dodged the “bomb Iran” question. She called for sanctions. (How does starving little kids bring about peace?) So, she needs to be carefully examined to see if she’s a Libertarian or a neo-Conservative?

This observer is still on the fence. Leaning her way, but on the fence.

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