WRITING: Seth Went Nuts (An Index Card Novel)

Seth Went Nuts (An Index Card Novel)

BEIJING, July 19, 2009 — China’s treasury debt holdings in the U.S. grew by 14.3 billion U.S. dollars in December amidst speculation that it was seeking other options to deploy its nearly $1.95 trillion in foreign exchange reserves.

# – # – #

Gas = 3 $ / gallon ~=~ 0.0026 oz gold @ 1,150 $ / oz

0.0026 oz * 6,300 $ / oz gold = Gas 16.43 $ / gallon

At 16.43 $ / gallon, the economy stops.

No economy; no debts get “serviced”!

# – # – #

American debt is unpayable. The Chinese “bought” the UN. A large force of “debt collectors” arrived. To recover their just repayment. The American people were sold out by the political class. Troops were told to stand down. The police as well.

With an interesting consequence.

The rural areas stood up to the “bill collectors”; the inner cities with their own “light infantry” drug gangs didn’t appreciate the “competition”. Motorcycle Outlaws also disagreed; they were just disagreeable with anyone who tried to disarm them.

# – # – #

The Chinese had two strategies: Kill anyone who speaks Chinese to keep their intentions private. Use the BATF records to pick up the guns but the rurals and the gangs didn’t register

Harvesting was done by taking the suburbanites and impressing them. Cheap tatooing of their zip code on the forearm ensure anyone outside that zip was killed. The old were sent to internment camps. The women were sent to other camps. The men were “harvesting” the suburbs.

# – # – #

The fat old white guy knew how to keep his mouth shut and his nose clean. When they “asked” who knew Chinese, he “knew” the boot camp answer. “Never volunteer”. He was smart and impressed his captors as a quisling. A quisling with a plan. He was given a team. Seth was a teenager with more size than brains. His brother, Adam, stuck close to him. Never spoke. Had a bald head. The fat old guy smelled a rat, but it was none of his business.

“Harvesting” consisted of his team supervised by a trio of “collectors” breaking into a house and scouring it for everything of value. Everything was set on the lawn for trucks to pick up. At the end of the day, the team was shaken down for contraband. The fat old guy bided his time.

# – # – #

The General in command of the “collectors” was upset. Casualties were mounting in the rural areas and the cities. He felt that the suburbs were doing something right. Differently from the others. He wanted to see just how they followed up on the BATF forms.

# – # – #

The team was harvesting the fat old white guys neighborhood. Adam went behind a bush and was slow coming back. One of the collectors went to check. “tā shì gè nǚ hái” The fat old white guy knew they were in trouble. The collector was dragging Adam back to the group with his pants around his ankles. The senior collector grabbed the crotch. The other one was laughing. Seth went nuts. He brained the one guy with a crowbar they used for getting in. Jumped on the senior tearing at his eyes. The guy dragging “Adam” drew a pistol and shot Seth. The team rushed him and stomped him. The fat old guy decided this was his time to go home.

The team followed him.

He quickly paced six steps back from the corner of the patio and four towards the property line. Peeling back the grass, he pulled up on a “lid”. Plastic pipes were stacked on end like straws. Grabing the first one, he pulled the quick tab on the seam. A puff of smoke and the tube was opened. Out slid a rifle. Bolt action. 308. Magazines in a web belt. A 1911. A shotgun. He handed them out with some instructions. Others pulled out other tubes. Monkey see; monkey do.

He went back to the patio. And peeled at the corner. Out came the LAW. A six pack of M72. They had fallen of a supply truck somewhere. He’d saved them just for this reason.

A troop of collectors came to reinforce the revold by a harvesting team. They came with a half-track. The General just happened to be on his ride along. They were expecting rifles and captured weapons. Murphy surprised them. So did the LAW that incinerated the half-track. And, the trucks that supported them.

# – # – #

The fat old white guy, a wounded Seth, and his sister Adalia hikes out of 08824. Seems like the suburbs were now too no longer safe for “collectors”.

# # # # #

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